In keeping with the Vision and in order achieve the stated Mission; the Company has defined the following objectives:

  • Inculcate the values outlined in the CS Group Code of Conduct throughout the organisation.
  • Create a safe, secure and healthy working environment for all personnel on board and ashore.
  • Meet market demands and maintain the Company’s reputation as an effective and reliable Ship Manager.
  • Support the Clients’ opportunities by the satisfaction of their contractual expectations. Minimise time off-hire caused by personnel or technical failures.
  • Achieve budgeted economic results, as necessary, to keep up safe and reliable services.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements to ensure safety in operation, including environmental protection.
  • Maintain Emergency preparedness both ashore and on board.
  • Continuously improve safety-management skills of personnel on board ships and ashore.
  • Take into account applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by Administrations, Classification Societies and related organisations in the maritime industry.