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CSM Dry Cargo desk has the ability to offer a global coverage in all dry bulk commodity types.

Committed to the service to its clients, more than ever, in the midst of endless changes in the shipping industry with consistency and professionalism, compiled by a team of commercial executives, as well as a sizeable backup team of associates dealing with post fixtures.

We are here to assist our clients with a perfect blend of youthful and experienced associates, competent to handle all types of Vessels, including specialist sectors such heavy lift. Such desk covers up to cape size vessels.

The chartering desk deals with a variety of principals who have throughout the years strengthened our standing in both Local and International shipping markets. Such services are extended to our clients in order to bring down their opex by obtaining various services under a single umbrella.

Professional executives & associates focus on specific markets, vessel sizes and commodity groups in order to maximize Client service. All bulk sizes from mini through to the largest Cape-sizes are handled as well as specialist bulk carriers, combined carriers, general cargo vessels and container vessels.

Our chartering associates cover full range of dry cargo commodities. Cargo coverage includes coal, iron ore, grains, bauxite, alumina, steel products, cement & related raw materials, sugar, minerals, pulp, paper, copper and other forest products, fertiliser rice and agricultural products, and many other products on a worldwide basis.

Our commercial associates are prepared to actively work with the Clients worldwide to advise on both voyage and time charter, c.o.a’s / c.v.s., short / long term period employment. Commercial solutions are provided throughout from single voyage charters, consecutive voyage charters, trip charters, period charters and contracts of affreightment. Traditional negotiation skills are combined with market knowledge, research and analysis providing the Clients an opportunity to benefit from.

Having connectivity from S.E. Asia (Singapore) to Middle East (DUBAI), India & Africa, CS Maritime is perfectly placed to continue serving all clients both old and new. The commercial desk has the ability to support all extents of chartering including spot fixtures, contracts of affreightments and period fixtures.