Supplier Charter

Charter between CSM Global Procurement Services and our supplier community to facilitate future procurement opportunities and business dealings.

Effective procurement practices are an important factor in the specialised industry and competitive marketplace. Such practices provide future opportunities to suppliers, which can deliver best value / value for money. We recognise the need, where practical, to simplify and standardise processes and ensure consistency in order to provide a fair, ethical and transparent approach to quoting / tendering for CSM’s future business needs.  With these aims in mind:-

  1. Whenever possible, consult with our key strategic suppliers & the marine industry / business community to identify and reduce barriers to conducting business
  2. Ensure our approach to individual supplier contracts, including global framework agreements, is supported by a sound strategy, process & business case;
  3. Work towards electronic commerce and e-Procurement / Sourcing systems consistent with achieving best value / value for money, to help minimise costs to suppliers;
  4. Comply with relevant National & International legislation or directives with regard to conducting procurement activities;
  5. Support professional training for CSM staff to develop consistency in the use of best practice procurement processes / systems;
  6. Commit to using specialised ‘due diligence’ supplier pre-qualification questionnaires for ‘high risk / spend procurement with addition of bespoke additions on a case by case basis;
  7. Offer meaningful feedback to suppliers on the evaluation of their proposal at the end of the tendering process; and
  8. Communicate CSM’s Business Rules and business opportunities to the supplier community and / or selected potential tenderer / suppliers
  9. Suppliers / Third Party Organisations will: If already a contracted or current supplier to CSM be encouraged to adhere to this charter;
  10. Facilitate a coordinated relationship with the CSM focal point for all business communications / dealings;
  11. Comply with CSM business rules, processes & systems to ensure effective & efficient business transactions;
  12. Provide constructive feedback on conducting business, tender processes and perceived barriers to business;
  13. Support CSM e-Procurement / Sourcing & ERP solutions as a means of accessing future business opportunities and continued contract compliance;
  14. Make the most effective use of their company’s skills, knowledge and resources in bidding for and delivering goods/services in accordance with the PO/Agreement;
  15. Support the use of a Pre-qualification questionnaire in the tendering process and the scope for debriefing; and
  16. Work with CSM to deliver value for money throughout the life of the contract.