Supplier Registration & Pre-qualification

1. Global e-Procurement Solution
CSM has implemented a Global e-Procurement Solution, which will complement and enhance our future tendering / contracting capability and purchasing / invoicing system & processes. System will expand as a bridge between all our suppliers, purchasers, and stakeholders to achieve maximum benefit and value through greatly improving sourcing, purchasing & payment efficiency.

a. Self Registration
In order to conduct e-Procurement transactions with CSM, suppliers MUST Self Register with information including company & banking details, certificates and relevant reports. This will ensure faster supplier assessment, qualification and profile updates.

2. Vendor Master Form
Required form for screening and creation of new supplier in our database.

3. Statement of Financial Institution
Consist of Company / Business registration name, bank account details and GST no. prepared on organisation letterhead which is duly authorised by a company director / CFO and stamped with the corporate / company seal.