Service agreement

«This is ships agency re-defined»

Simplify your port calls

We believe a predictable and structured way of managing multiple port calls will simplify your work, reduce your operational and administrative costs, thus improving your efficiency. Service Agreement is our contractual offer allowing you additional benefits on top of the services we normally offer.

Regardless of the service you request from us, with our unique Service Agreement you always benefit from:

One global ships agent
Improved communication flow with a single dedicated expert, coordinating all your port calls around the world, located in your time zone and speaking your language.

One predictable price structure
Our ships agency services have a predictable and transparent pricing structure, so you know what you are charged for and get no unpleasant surprises.

One bank account
Safe and efficient cash transactions with one bank account for all your port calls. You can be confident that your assets can be secured with us

One online documentation portal
Easy access to job information with operational details and electronic disbursement account available at an online portal.