Personal Risk

CS Maritime is committed to maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental (“HS&E”) management, both on-shore and at sea for its employees, contractors, customers and all other parties affected by its activities.

The Company operates a strict HS&E management policy, the details of which are prominently displayed at every one of CS Maritime operational offices, and compliance with this policy is monitored on a continual basis throughout the Company. Seafarers and contractor are made aware of the Company’s HS&E policy as part of any contractual relationship. Staff training, including awareness of safety hazards, forms a critical component of personnel risk management. In the case of seafarers working on managed vessels, use of the in-house training function operated by the Company ensures that seafarers understand the key policies and procedures prior to embarking.

CS Maritime strong track-record of managing crew member risk is recognised by its customers, who are increasingly prioritising employee safety and welfare as a core part of their own global HS&E strategies.