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    Chemical Chartering
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    Dry Cargo

CSM provides unparalleled services – both in number & in competence of our team. With an sound knowledge of market, it’s coverage & the geographical coverage.

With an Objective to ensure complete transparency in our dealings, even when acting as an intermediary between directly contracting counter parties upon requests of our values clients, our core team have the required expertise, experience to guide towards a swift conclusion. Including bridging together an organization with a cargo to ship and a company with a vessel, assisting, drafting and overseeing new building / S&P transaction’s of various types of assets. We have specialist teams dealing in all major markets such as containers, dry cargo, tankers, LPG, LNG, offshore, and specialized products. Our team not only consists of members with sound technical & commercial knowledge/experience but also have members with sufficient experience/knowledge of maritime law giving us an edge over other to assisting our clients for them to have a competitive advantage.

Abundance of Competence

We are focused and aspire to be the best in class covering all aspects of our industry’s key sectors and to be a market leader in every continent where we have footprints/presence. Considering the competence under the roof, we are truly a worldwide service provider thru our resourceful network strategically placed to meet our client’s requirements. Agreements concluded under our teams competence covers ships of all sizes crossing the oceans on the great routes of trade, carrying every conceivable cargo from commodities like iron ore, coal, grain and crude oil to foodstuffs, cars, household goods, chemicals, industrial equipment and Ships involved in all stages of offshore exploration & production.

Group CS Maritime

We ensure each asset has the support & the focus of the entire CS Maritime team positioned strategically as required at various locations across the globe. As a Group our team ensures that best practices are shared, bringing the experience and expertise gained on one project to the challenges faced on another. At CSM we drive performance by merging resources and best practices with the very latest market leading IT platforms & connectivity, available anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Commanding analytical support

Members within our team with vast maritime industry experience, enhances analytical ability of our team. Sitting alongside the commercial desk, in every major market segment, our technical & legal departments bring together the strengths and benefits of CS Maritime Research whilst interfacing constantly with the commercial executives/associates, gathering and interpreting information from a wide range of sources to create a key CSM competitive advantage with market intelligence. Such intelligence thru CSM directly or in directly translates into a more informed decision making by our clients.

Our commercial desk/associates & clients are better informed on the global market movements, supply & demand, order books, trade flows with a greater insight into the drivers of where it is heading.

At CS Maritime we endeavor to offer a services best tailored to our clients requirements, such as combined Sale and Purchase/Time Charter. In essence we will use our market & contractual knowledge of the sale and purchase and chartering markets to tailor specific buying and/or selling & chartering opportunities for those clients who wish to receive the service. Upon request our legal & finance associates can also support our clients as required to assist for off traditional shipping industry finance/amortization and residual value calculations for an easy starting point to assess a potential investment. The client can then adjust the calculations with their own internal models to arrive at an accurate assessment for the their Management to fast track decision making process.

The market appears to be making a determined effort to recover from the years of fall and there is risk/investment capital available to invest in the shipping markets but prudence is always required.