Ship Management

As owners continue in their attempt to lower costs and balance the books, the popularity to hand over the crewing and operating management is on the rise.

But in the current economic climate, only the best ship managers will flourish. This is why CS Maritime success story is continuing to thrive.

The world’s leading third-party ship management company is focused – today and tomorrow – on working with our clients, wherever they are, to bring solutions to their ship management needs.

There are various reasons CS Maritime has such a strong foothold in the market, including our significant global presence and the low cost operations we can provide thanks to our ability to spread overheads over 1,100 ships.

As industry leaders, every day we demonstrate the know-how, the commitment and the inspiration to help all of our partners push further to achieve their goals.

This is our vision of our business and above all, our passion.

CS Maritime, Ship Management Team, encompasses a network of 18 ship management offices supported by the main Team based in Glasgow.

CS Maritime offers technical, risk management, procurement and financial expertise and experience. In total, 600 staff deliver ship management services to a diverse fleet of cargo-carrying vessels. These include crude, products, chemical and LPG/LNG tankers, bulk carriers ranging from a large fleet of self-dischargers to VLOCs, containerships from feeders to 14,200 TEU units, as well as many specialized vessel types. The latter include various offshore vessels including FPSOs, seismic vessels, cable layers and diving support/subsea units servicing the growing offshore market.

Underpinning the high standards of services offered to ship owning clients and our customer’s customers are proven procedures, a management cell structure which focuses on team working, detailed and robust client reporting and a bespoke information management system, ShipSure, which ensures an integrated approach to the multi-disciplined and varied tasks which need to be performed diligently and in full compliance with customer requirements on a 24/7 basis, with 230 Superintendents, never one far from your ships.