Trade Talk

Standardised, structured and accurate market intelligence world wide

Through our 2200 ports we receive, quality check and distribute information that could help you make better commercial decisions. We can provide you with crucial information required to understand trade flows and local port activity.

Weekly subscription to market intelligence
We know that you need relevant, accurate and timely data that can be processed quickly. Trade Talk offers weekly updated, quality ensured, and system generated market intelligence reports on:

  • Line-up.
  • Stockpile.
  • Port news from key iron ore and coal ports. In addition we can provide manually generated line-up reports for other commodities.


Pre-fixture information service
Our Trade Talk Desk can handle your inquiries regarding pre-fixture information related to your potential port call, including:

  • Port details (drafts, restrictions etc.)
  • Port costs (estimates, PDAs etc.)

Contact your local WSS sales person for subscribtion to our market intelligence reports or for pre-fixture information regarding your potential port call.