The e-Sourcing module is used at CS is to facilitate our internal sourcing processes. The e-Sourcing tool gives most pre-approved suppliers on our panel an opportunity to bid and compete fairly for CSM business.

What is e – Sourcing?

e-Sourcing enables us source suppliers promptly, conduct sourcing actions and assess goods and services using a secure in house tool.

This in turn helps to improve efficiency, increase productivity and audit ability in addition to lowering the costs for suppliers in doing business. The e-Sourcing’s evaluation enables us to internally evaluate goods, works and services using a secure service. This tool provides ability to CSM to interact with internal pre approved and external suppliers for prompt identification of a requirement & to negotiate the best for our clients.

Benefits of e-Sourcing

  • Avoids loss of management & administrative time,
  • Allows for evaluation criteria & documentation time, Provides complete transparency in
  • negotiations to our management and document review