Training & Development

“Providing training courses on-board, on-line and through our global network of in-house training centres.”

At CS Maritime, training is considered to be a central pillar, which makes an essential contribution to the safety and effectiveness of the overall operation, whether afloat or ashore. Training for seafarers is conducted ashore in our own global network of training centres, as well as afloat by a combination of Marine Training Superintendents and CSM On Board Trainers.

Ashore, thirty three trainers in fifteen training centres deliver essential pre – joining training. This is a combination of training which is mandatory either through regulation, or because of the value added by the training, which CS Maritime has determined will contribute to safe and effective vessel operations. Blended delivery means include instructor-led presentations, use of computer-based training aids and advanced Crew Resource Management, Bridge Team and Engine Resource management courses harnessing recently acquired, modern simulators.

Afloat, a group of five Maritime Training Superintendents deliver tailored training in support of either specific vessel types or specific campaign themes, while CSM trainers – a 34-strong group of permanent and consultant staff – visit each vessel annually for a combination of safety inspection and on board training.

Shore staff Training is delivered through a blend of trainer-led and computer-based means, and includes an industry-leading electronic learning scheme for Superintendents.

With an eye firmly to the future our intention is to fully exploit technology where possible, reducing the demands on seafarers to travel during their valuable vacation time, and allowing the optimum use of our skilled training staff resource to focus increasingly on training in Human Factors and soft-skills.  A new, state-of-the-art Learning Management System is in the course of delivery and will enable much of this change. We have a bespoke, high-quality in-house Crew Resource Management programme which emphasises our company values and systems in the operational context. This course is attended not only by seafarers, but by Superintendents and Crew Managers, emphasising our firm belief that vessel performance is a function, not only of the performance of sea staff, but the associated shore management, and that the rewards of training alongside one another represent a worthwhile investment.

Developments in English language training are also in hand, with the aim of continually improving the English language skills of our sea staff, preparing them for promotion and further advancement within the company, and making the critical contribution to improved vessel safety through effective communications.