On-Board Safety & Security

“Providing Independent Safety Services to the Global Marine Industry.”

CS Maritime’s comprehensive range of Safety Services

At CSM we are proud of our record in delivering high quality safety services that are customer focused and provides added value. The principal aims of our safety services are to:

  • Promote safety of life at sea and reduce the risk of incidents, accidents and potential detentions.
  • Raise safety awareness both on board and ashore.
  • Assist ship owners, managers and operators to implement an effective and efficient safety management system.
  • Provide support and assistance on safety related issues.

CSM Safety offers the following value added services:

Safety Inspection 

  • Ship Safety Inspection including Pre-Vetting Audits. Our inspection format is recognised as one of the most comprehensive inspections to be undertaken on a vessel
  • CSM has an in house developed web based Database Programme – SID (CSM Integrated Database ) which provides the client with detailed analysis of their vessel or fleet and is able to assist in planning and monitoring of CSM’s Attendance

Other Inspection / Audits

  • Pre Vetting / PSC inspection preparation
  • ISM Audits & ISPS  on board vessel
  • Port Captaincy and Cargo Operations
  • Technical  Inspections
  • Incident / accident Investigations

CSM’s comprehensive range of Ship Security Services

Ship Security Assessment 

The Ship Security Assessment (SSA) is a requirement of the ISPS code; we will examine and evaluate existing shipboard protective measures, procedures and operations.  The SSA will be completed before the Ship Security Plan.

Ship Security Plan 

Each vessel is required to develop, implement and maintain an approved Ship Security Plan (SSP).  CSM can develop the  Plan, which will  address the points laid down in the ISPS code and contribute to the prevention of illegal acts to the ship, crew or passengers and to minimise damage to the marine environment and port facilities.

Vessel Hardening 

CSM has assembled a complete package to provide cost-effective assessment, training and, where necessary, installation of security solutions, to provide awareness of the threat of piracy and the best preparation for defending against it.